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Paroian Skipper recognizes that legal fees can be substantial and are of significant concern to any client, be it a corporation or an individual. We structure our hourly rate such that work can be assigned on a cost-effective basis to the most appropriate lawyer. Our senior lawyers' billing rates range between $325.00 and $450.00 per hour, while our intermediate lawyers are $250.00 per hour. We also utilize experienced clerks whom we charge out at $75.00 per hour.

It is our firm's practice to not charge for discussions surrounding non-legal issues, for a review of accounts or any administrative matters relating to our clients. Incidental out-of-pocket expenses are charged to our clients based upon the actual costs of such expenditure -no mark-up is applied.

We believe our rates and fees are very competitive and fair, making Paroian Skipper an excellent value for your legal representation.