Paroian Skipper Lawyers
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Paroian Skipper is committed to representing our clients' best interests in ways that transcend traditional practice. More and more, the firm is sought after for advice in unique situations that require well-researched legal principles and a flair for the creative problem solving. It is also not unusual for the firm to be retained by other lawyers who require opinions and research on specific issues in a wide variety of actions. In situations requiring multiple legal counsel, we are more often than not assigned the lead role on litigation matters.

As a result of this broadly based and proven service, Paroian Skipper has accumulated an impressive list of public, private and non-profit sector clients, both individual and corporate. Clients retain the firm for its experience and reputation; they remain with us for the quality, compassion, and unyielding integrity of the services we provide.

Our clients represent a diverse range of interests and economic foundations -everything from public interest groups to corporate powerhouses. But regardless of these factors, one aspect of our service offering remains consistent: our unflagging commitment and dedication to the highest standards of professional integrity