Paroian Skipper Lawyers
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Paroian Skipper was established in 2006 when J. Mark Skipper joined with Leon Paroian, Q.C. to create a law firm focusing on the needs of the business community. In January of 2007, the firm welcomed the addition of litigation lawyer Owen Thomas.

Mr. Paroian - the founding partner of the firm Paroian Raphael Courey Cohen & Houston - was a formidable presence in the legal community for more than 40 years and was one of the area's most respected legal advisors.

Mr. Skipper joined forces with Mr. Paroian after a decades-long practice at Monforton Robitaille and Skipper to better focus on his corporate and commercial clients. At his new firm, he was able to offer his clients a higher degree of personal attention in corporate matters and, when legal problems became contentious, he offered the backing of his colleagues' substantial experience in litigation.